The Woodlands Garden Club

Summer Field Trip

In July, our members took a trip to Richmond to visit two nurseries and the new Gallery Furniture Store.  The nurseries were not the usual display and selection of plants.  One nursery was a huge garden with potted plants for sale all along the paths throughout the garden.  There were a number of varieties of clumping bamboo growing in the garden.  The other nursery contained a lot of unusual and very creative container gardens.  The biggest surprise was Gallery Furniture.  The atrium was amazing with all of the beautiful plants and flowers (including many orchids), a koi pond filled with water lilies, gorgeous tropical birds, and even a huge saltwater aquarium with colorful tropical fish, including several sharks.  Tropical gardens, an aquarium and a zoo -- in a FURNITURE STORE!

The Woodlands Garden Club provides educational programs, sharing of experiences and interests, friendships, attractive opportunities for field trips, and community service.


The Woodlands Garden Club meets the second Tuesday of each month (September through May) at 9:00 a.m. , at:

     ​South County Community Center

     2235 Lake Robbins Drive

     The Woodlands, TX

(Meeting locations occasionally change.  Check this website for updates.)   


Please join us for the February meeting on Tuesday, February 9, 2016, at 9:00 a.m.   The meeting  program will be "Shade Gardening" presented by Gudrun Opperman, a Kingwood Master Gardener and co-founder of the Lake Houston Gardeners Club.  We will learn how to have beautiful plants and color in shady locations.